Partner School Application

For international students who want to study in foreign countries, the first step is to apply to a school. SuperVisas helps students apply to over 2,000 partner schools in Canada and the United States, from elementary to post-graduate programs like a Masters degree program.

Do you want to apply for secondary or post-secondary schools in the United States, United Kingdom or Canada?  SuperVisas can help you apply for over 2,000 partner schools in the United States or Canada. See the list of SuperVisas partner schools that you can apply for HERE.

You may choose available programs and schools at these levels:

  • Elementary / Junior High School: typically includes grade 1-8 and sometimes kindergarten as well.
  • High school: typically includes grade 9-12 and allows students to develop skills to pursue higher education.
  • Undergraduate programs: taught at colleges and universities. Students receive a diploma, an advanced diploma, or a bachelor’s degree.
  • Post-graduate programs: follows an undergraduate degree and takes 1-2 years. Students receive a graduate certificate, graduate diploma, or master’s degree. 

Note that the service fee for a school application that you paid, will also count towards the service fee of your study permit application.

+ Government Fees
  • Quick and easy online application
  • Lower cost than traditional lawyers
  • Peace of mind of expert review
  • $1 million in application insurance
  • Secure document storage

How It Works

  • 1
    Create An Account

    Create an account and either check your eligibility, or pick an application to start. We start by asking questions specific to the visa to ensure your eligibility. This can be quick and simple, such as for visitor visas, or may require entering multiple questionnaires. If you have any questions, there are no fees to contact our immigration experts by email, WeChat, WhatsApp or by booking a call.

  • 2
    Confirmation Before Payment

    Our immigration consultants will check your answers and double-check your profile to confirm you meet the minimum requirements of a program. Only if you are eligible will we move you to the payment stage. At this time you must pay the SuperVisas fee. We are transparent in our process and pricing, and clearly list all the fees and processing times for your visa. We use Stripe for credit or debit card payment processing, which is secure and encrypted. Government fees are paid later when the completed application is submitted and once we can correctly calculate the various government fees due. It can be complicated, but we guide you through the process.

  • 3
    Complete Your Application Online

    Now, you can finish your application. There will be some "tasks", or many, for you to complete depending on your visa, such as entering your education achievements, employment history and/or dependent information. This can take time and will require answering more questionnaires and uploading of documents. Our system ensures everything necessary is gathered depending on your specific situation - preventing errors and omissions - while at the same time saving you money. Our immigration experts prepare your application so that your case is best presented to the visa officers. After a final review by you, and by our experts, your application will be submitted! You will have peace of mind that only comes with a complete and accurate application.

  • 4
    Approval and Renewals

    We will notify you when your visa is approved! We securely store your immigration documents for 7 years and will provide you alerts well before any expiry dates. Renewing visas or taking the next step down the immigration pathway toward citizenship is easy when all your immigration history is in one place. We also understand that moving to a new country can be difficult and hard to navigate. If needed, we will provide guides and referrals to our affiliate partners to help.

Success Rate
Experienced Experts
Our U.S. and Canadian immigration experts have on average 8+ years of experience in the industry. We are regulated by the CICC in Canada.
Step-by-Step Guidance
Our easy-to-use platform guides you on what questions must be answered and which documents must be uploaded.
Timely Response
We know quick turnaround time is important. You can choose your communication preference - chat, email, WeChat, WhatsApp and/or book a call.
Required Documents

You’ll need the following documents if you decide to apply to this visa.

  • Passport Biographic Page
  • Proof of Funds
Optional Documents

You might need the following documents based on your situation, or to enhance your application approval.

  • Additional English Test Result
  • Bachelors Degree - Diploma and Transcript
  • Doctoral Degree (PhD, MD, JD, etc) - Diploma and Transcript
  • GMAT Test Result
  • GRE Test Result
  • High School - Diploma and Transcript
  • IELTS Academic Test Result
  • Masters Degree - Diploma and Transcript
  • Passport Pages with Visas, Stamps or Marks
  • Post-graduate Certificate / Diploma - Diploma and Transcript
  • TOEFL Test Result
  • Undergraduate Certificate / Diploma - Diploma and Transcript