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  • Canadian Immigration System

    Similar to other western countries, there are three types of applications in the Canadian immigration systems, namely temporary residence, permanent residence and citizenship applications. These applications provide you with various status and authorizations so that you may study, work or permanently move to Canada. The most common temporary residence applications include eTA, visitor visa, study permit, work permit and Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). There are over 300,000 foreigners working in Canada. Important to note, most of the applicants would need to secure a Canadian job offer first to apply for a work permit. There are many job platforms where you can apply for Canadian jobs, like Indeed, Monster, Job Bank and more.

  • Permanent Residency

    Permanent residence (PR) applications are processed by the Canadian federal government. To qualify for PR, you can apply for federal programs, or try to obtain a Provincial Nomination first. The most popular federal programs are the ones under Express Entry which also see the highest immigrants admitted each year. Provincial nomination is a good alternative for skilled workers, entrepreneurs and new Canadian graduates, if you are not eligible to apply via Express Entry.

    Canadian permanent residents are citizens of other countries, and they have the right to naturalize (i.e., apply for Canadian citizenship) once they have stayed in Canada long enough. Compared with permanent residence, Canadian citizenship offers a few additional benefits including voting rights, no renewal, a Canadian passport that allows you to travel to at least 140 countries without a visa and more.

    Furthermore, Canada is one of the few countries that will grant your child automatic citizenship if they were born here, even if you are not a Canadian citizen.

    Every year, Canada admits 1 million temporary residents and over 400,000 permanent residents as well as approving over 100,000 citizenship applications.

  • Health and Education

    Canada ranks 16th among the 193 countries worldwide in the United Nation's Human Development Index in 2022. As a highly developed nation, Canada offers high-quality and free public education from kindergarten to grade 12. Canada also has public health insurance coverage to its citizens, PRs and even students and foreign workers.

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2019 Immigration Statistics*

  • 402,427
    Admitted for Study
  • 404,369
    Admitted for Work
  • 5,774,342
    Admitted for Visit
  • 341,180
    Admitted for Immigration