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The pursuit of happiness

We are immigrants and/or have experienced the visa application process. We believe the immigration experience could be better - simpler, faster, less expensive and with more confidence in the outcome.

We believe that generative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine vision has the potential to drastically simplify the visa application process. We are reducing the data entry and document generation steps for both the applicant and our expert reviewers. With the proper use of technology, our goal is to make access to expert immigration advice more accessible since it is easy, low cost, supports multiple languages and is accessible to anyone anywhere with an Internet connection.

Then everyone will be happier.

SuperVisas Team

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Our mission is to provide the easiest, fastest, most accurate and lowest cost immigration service on the planet.

  • 600+

    People we have helped with their application

  • 98%

    Current government of Canada visa approval rate

  • 2

    Destination countries currently supported

  • Our Transparency Pledge

    The immigration industry has a reputation for opaque processes and opportunistic pricing. We pledge to be different.

    Once an account is created, the entire process from start to finish is visible, including documents required, questions to be answered, fees to be paid and all our tasks. You can start the process and proceed at your own pace without any cost. We only take payment once we have confirmed that you are eligible. If your visa is refused, we will help you resubmit your application without any additional fees from us.

  • Peace of Mind through Technology and Expert Review

    The immigration process is complicated, but our technology makes it straightforward. We guide you through a series of questions and tasks. Our software implements the government rules, generates the documents and completes the necessary forms. Our technology handles the data entry, accurately completing the essential fields and performing checks and balances.

    Our experts do what people do best: 1) helping you figure out the best immigration pathway, and 2) reviewing the completed application leveraging their accumulated expertise to present your best case. You may do it yourself, but we will save you time and effort in the long run, along with the peace of mind that your application is less likely to be delayed or refused.


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