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Apr 18, 2023
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New! Canada is Seeking 30,000 New Immigrant Farmers

Canada's agricultural sector needs 30,000 new immigrant workers to address labor shortages and sustain the industry.

New! Canada is Seeking 30,000 New Immigrant Farmers

The agricultural sector in Canada is facing a labour shortage and needs more immigrant workers. According to CBC News, Canada needs 30,000 new immigrants to either start their own farms or take over existing ones, to avoid a looming labour crisis in the agriculture industry.

Temporary foreign workers to permanent residents

A recent report from the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) states that 40% of Canadian farmers are expected to retire in the next decade, while 66% of farmers still need a succession plan. Simultaneously, the agriculture industry is predicted to face a shortage of 24,000 workers in the farm, nursery, and greenhouse sectors.

The temporary foreign workers (TFW) program cannot fully address the labour shortage in the agriculture industry, which requires a radical approach to address the emergence of the greenhouse industry and the vertical farming sector, which are year-round operations.

According to the RBC report, Canada should revise its immigration programs to bring in 30,000 newcomers with a focus on farming. The report proposes one solution, which is to establish a federal mechanism allowing experienced temporary foreign workers (TFWs) to obtain permanent residency status.

Canada's agriculture-specific immigration pilot program, which began in 2020 and provided a path to permanent residency for non-seasonal workers with experience, is set to end in May. The program has so far admitted more than 1,500 people, with a capacity for 2,750. The Canadian government is assessing the pilot and considering extending it beyond its scheduled expiry.

Farm-related immigration programs

Alberta Farm Stream

The Alberta Farm Stream aims to attract owners/operators who plan to live in Alberta to purchase and manage their farming business.

Manitoba Business Investor Stream – Farm Investor Pathway

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program's Farm Investor Pathway allows individuals with farm business experience and sufficient capital to immigrate to establish and operate a farm in the province.

Saskatchewan - Farm Owner and Operator

The Saskatchewan Farm Owner and Operator program is for experienced farmers with significant capital who are looking to invest in a farming operation and settle in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan - Farm Owner and Operator - Young Farmer Stream

The SINP Young Farmer Stream is a substream of the Farm Owners and Operators. This substream is for farmers under the age of 40 who wish to establish farms in Saskatchewan.

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