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F-1 visa allows international students to study and gain practical training in the U.S. for undergrad or advanced degrees.

Are you an individual planning to study in the U.S.?

The F-1 Student Visa is ideal for individuals who plan to study at an academic institution or language training program in the U.S. To qualify for the F-1 visa, the academic program or university in which you plan to enroll must award you a degree, diploma, or certificate at the conclusion of the program.  

To apply for an F-1 Student Visa at a U.S. Consulate in your home country, you must first be accepted by a U.S. University, Seminary, or similar institution for a course of study.  Once accepted, you will be added to the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) where you can pay your I-901 fee and obtain the necessary I-20 from your University or Institution.  Once a prospective student has the I-20 in hand, SuperVisas can prepare you for your F-1 Student Visa. 

We recommend that students begin applying to U.S. Universities and Programs as early as possible, as it may take some time to be accepted by an approved institution, or to avoid possible delays in visa processing at your home country's U.S. consulate. 

To qualify for the F-1 visa, generally an applicant must:

  • Have applied and have been accepted into a course of study at a SEVP-approved school in the United States.
  • Enrolled as a full-time student at the institution.
  • Proficiency in English or be enrolled in courses leading to English proficiency.
  • Have proof of sufficient financial funds to support study in the United States.
  • Have ties to their home country that show an intent to return after finishing their study in the United States.
  • Reside outside the United States when you apply.

Our Services:

We provide an easy to use platform to gather the necessary information for your specific situation, combined with Immigration expert guidance, preparation and review of your application.

Our team will review your eligibility submission and provide you with confirmation of your ideal immigration program prior to payment of any fees. Once you decide to proceed, our platform guides you through a series of questions and helps you gather all the necessary documents. Our immigration experts will then prepare your case and complete the necessary forms, while reviewing the application to ensure it presents the best possible case. As the applicant, you will file the final application yourself.

Your dedicated case manager will provide end-to-end review and communication throughout the life of the application, including assisting with responses to any USCIS requests, to maximize your chances of success.  The SuperVisas platform tracks key dates and expirations  to ensure deadlines and renewal dates are not missed.

Additional Services: 

We also offer our clients supplemental visa and application services which may be required by the U.S. Government as part of an application filing, or which may improve an application’s success rate.  

For example, if you are not comfortable handling the communications with the government and filing your own application, then we can help you use an immigration lawyer to represent you as an Additional Service with additional fees. We have a network of qualified  U.S. attorneys and legal experts if you want the added peace of mind in knowing that your application is being represented by a licensed immigration attorney before the U.S. Government.

SuperVisas provides the following Additional Service for this visa: 

  • Attorney Representation - In addition to our preparation of your application, you will be represented by a licensed immigration lawyer throughout the entire application process. If you chose this Additional Service, your case will be submitted by a licensed immigration attorney who will also respond to any additional requests from USCIS on your behalf. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that an attorney is handling all communications with USCIS.

+ Government Fees
  • Quick and easy online application
  • Preparation of submission package
  • Expert review and representation
  • $1 million in insurance
  • Secure encrypted document storage

How It Works

  • 1
    Create An Account

    Do an eligibility check, or pick a visa, or just sign up directly to create an account. Then you can see all the documents needed, questions you must answer, and fee payments for our services and to the government. If you have any questions, it is easy to contact our sales team or to schedule a call.

  • 2
    Eligibility Confirmation Before Payment

    First you will answer a few questions to ensure you are eligible for the visa. Only if you are eligible will the payment unlock. Making payment assigns an immigration lawyer or regulated consultant to your application. We are transparent in our process and pricing, and clearly list all the fees and processing times for your visa. Read our Transparency Pledge. We use Stripe for credit or debit card payment processing, which is secure and encrypted.

  • 3
    Complete Your Application Online

    You can complete as many of the application tasks you wish before payment. Take your time. Some visas require a lot of information, which requires answering questionnaires and uploading of documents. Our system ensures everything necessary is gathered depending on your situation - preventing errors and omissions - and saving you time.

  • 4
    Visa Preparation and Submission

    Once all the tasks are completed, our experts will review your answers and start preparing your application so that the best case is best presented. Government fees are also due once the application is completed and we can correctly calculate the government fees due. After a final review by you, and by our experts, your application will be submitted! You will have peace of mind that only comes with an accurate application.

  • 5
    Approval and Renewals

    We notify you when your visa is approved! If there are any questions or rejections from the government, we will answer them and resubmit without any further fees from us. We securely store your immigration documents for 7 years and provide alerts well before any expiry dates. Renewing or taking the next step toward citizenship is easy when all your immigration history is in one place.

Success Rate
Expert Review
Our experienced, regulated immigration consultants review and finalize all applications.
Lower Cost
Our technology keeps cost much lower than traditional law firms.
Faster and More Accurate
Our software is changing immigration, but human support is always available.
Required Documents

Some documents you will need to provide, and some documents we may prepare for you.

  • Current I-94
  • F-1 Visa Financial Ability Evidence
  • Form I-901 SEVIS fee payment confirmation
  • I-20 Current and Prior
  • Letter of Acceptance from University or Institution
  • Passport Biographic Page
  • Prior I-797A approval notice