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Many international students struggle to get a study visa to come to the U.S. or Canada. The complicated immigration systems require these students to be a pro at understanding regulations and applying for visas without missing deadlines.

  • Fewer Deferrals

    SuperVisas provides you with professional visa support, at discounted rates lower than other immigration consultants or law firms. With a 98% visa success rate, we help you reduce the chance of student deferral and increase your revenue.

  • Better Experience for Your Students

    SuperVisas offers your international students peace of mind, so they can focus on excelling at school and adapting to a new environment. In addition to renewal alerts to ensure compliance, we provide not only their initial study visas, but also work visas and their family’s visas, all in one convenient secure cloud platform.

  • Support after graduation

    Some students may want to work after graduation. SuperVisas helps students with their longer-term immigration plans. We understand the pathways to citizenship and with all their history in one place, subsequent visas are a breeze to complete.

  • It’s simple!

    Give your students a referral code, and help them save a further 10% off of our already low rates.

  • Track Application Status

    Optionally, you can sign up to our platform and track the progress of all applications you have referred. It is secure and you cannot access any applicant's personal information.

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