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2022년 8월 18일
Self-Employed Persons Program

Common questions about the Self-Employed Persons Program

Explore what constitutes self-employment for immigration, job requirements before immigrating, and financial criteria for eligibility.

Common questions about the Self-Employed Persons Program
  • What does it mean to be self-employed?

    To be self-employed is being financially self-sustainable, working for oneself or as a freelancer. In this case, an ideal applicant is one who has 2 years of world-class experience or has been self-employed in the arts or athletics.

  • Do I need a job prior to immigrating?

    Different from other entrepreneurs/business immigration programs, the Self-Employed Persons Program requires a well-established business plan. Meaning, being able to portray the likelihood of success an applicant will have once immigrating to Canada.

  • What occupations are considered “self-employed”?

    Background and Eligibility

  • Is there a financial minimum I have to meet to qualify?

    No, there is no financial requirement to qualify for the program. However, applicants must be able to prove financial stability in order to be considered.

  • Do I need to be fluent in English or French?

    No, however proficiency in either language will boost your score on the selection criteria scale. Additionally, it will serve you well to have an understanding of either language when establishing yourself in Canada.

  • Are there other things that will increase my chances of being approved?

    Being thorough when submitting certificates, documentation, etc. Showing your ability to be self-sufficient and contributive to Canada’s culture and athletic life will increase your application’s appeal.

  • Will I have the opportunity to become a Canadian citizen through this program?

    The Self-Employed Persons Program is a streamlined process for achieving permanent residency while having a shorter processing time than other programs. Furthermore, permanent residency is the step before reaching full Canadian citizenship.

  • Will my family be able to move with me?

  • Yes, as long as proof that you are able to financially support yourself as well as any dependents, your family can immigrate with you.

  • How long does the application process take?

    Typically, it takes 21-24 months. As a result of the pandemic, processing times may vary. Check the current time here.

  • Do I need a college degree to qualify for the program?

    Technically, there is not a minimum education requirement for this program. However, the higher educational background you have will allocate you more points on the selection criteria scale

  • What is considered a significant contribution?

    Contribution considered for this program can be measured at any scale, locally or nationally. As long as you are influencing those around you in a meaningful way that is long-lasting.

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