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Jun 18, 2021
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Success Story: Study Permit

Studey Permit Approvals - A motivating success story of obtaining a Canadian study permit, offering valuable insights for prospective students.

Success Story: Study Permit

Personal Profile

Age: 33 years old

Education: Chinese Bachelor degree

Major: English

Work experience: 11 years of Chinese work experience as an Operations Supervisor

Family Members: Spouse and Children

IELTS: Listening 6.5; Speaking 6.0; Reading 6.0; Writing 5.5

Nationality: Chinese


Level: School of Continuing Education-Certificate Course (Not Graduate Certificate Program)

Length: 1 year

Major: Applied Business Analysis

Application Process

Proof of Funds

  1. The applicant paid tuition for the first year

  2. In addition, the applicant provided a certificate of deposit showing more-than-enough funds to cover tuition and living expenses

  3. The applicant provided pay stubs as well as bank statements that perfectly matched. 

  4. The client’s spouse provided business registration documents, business bank statements, employment letter and other financial supporting documents.

  5. Clients and spouses provided multiple property certificates and insurance certificates

Remarks: Due to the large number of files, we help clients organize the files according to the importance of the files, and provide a checklist of the documents for the officer's reference. In addition, we clearly listed the applicant’s assets in a table in the Submission Letter to prove once again that his funds meet the requirements.

Case Analysis:


  1. The program that the customer applied for is not a higher level program compared to the undergraduate program that the client already took in China. 

  2. The major applied by the client was not directly related to his professional and academic experience.

Application Strategy

In response to the application difficulties mentioned above, we included the following in the study plan:

  1. Past work experience and job responsibilities

  2. How learning Applied Business Analysis can help her existing work

  3. Career planning and how Applied Business Analysis can help applicants achiever her career goals

  4.  Compare the education of China and Canada to highlight the reasons why the applicant chooses Canada

  5. Explain why the one-year course was chosen to emphasize the relationship with China, including family relationships, professional relationships, etc.

Application Result: Refusal

More than 3 months later, we unexpectedly received the result of visa refusal. The reasons for refusal are as follows:

  1. Based on the purpose of your visit, we do not believe that you will leave Canada on time.

  2. Based on your personal property and financial situation, we do not believe that you will leave Canada on time.


We filed an Access to Information and Privacy Request as soon as possible, and the the officer’s notes are listed below:

  1. This is not a reasonable expense considering the purpose of visit.

  2. The applicant’s purpose of visit appears vague and poorly documented.

Remarks: As the wording in the ATIP notes is basically the official statement, which you will see in many ATIP notes. In other words, the visa officer did not raise specific concern toward her application.

Second Application Strategy

We firmly believed that we had already provided enough financial documents in the previous application, and we basically just updated some expired documents.

We updated the study plan to solve the officer’s concerns:

  1. Conducted research on related courses available in China and provided specific reasons as to why the client chose Canadian course over Chinese. 

  2. Added an explanation of the source of funds in the study plan. Although this practice is not common, it can directly prove to the visa officer that the cost is reasonable

    1. We compared the yearly cost of studying abroad with the salary of the applicant. 

    2. We provided financial documents that are nearly 5 times more in value than the cost of studying abroad

    3. Provided a more detailed career development plan to prove the importance and the benefits of studying abroad.

In short, in the submission letter, we included a rebuttal for every doubt the visa officer had.

Second Applicant Result: Approval

Less than a month after submission, the application was successfully approved. (During the Pandemic )

Customer Testimonial

"Very responsible. The advice provided is very reasonable and sufficient."

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