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May 7, 2021
Super StoriesIntra-Company Transferee (ICT)

Securing an ICT Permit by Establishing a Canadian Subsidiary

ICT Approvals - a success story of obtaining an Intra-Company Transferee (ICT) work permit by setting up a subsidiary in Canada.

Securing an ICT Permit by Establishing a Canadian Subsidiary

Personal Profile:

Age: 47 

Education: Major: Computer Application;  Degree: Chinese Bachelor’s Degree

Work Experience: 16 years’ senior management experience

Family Member: Applicant Only

Language: N/A 

Nationality: Chinese

Application Process:

The client is the owner of an Internet company in China. The main services offered by the company are website development, application development, hosting and information technology consulting. As he does not meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, he has to accumulate work experience in Canada via an ICT work permit. He will then be qualified to immigrate to Canada through a Provincial Nomination Program. 

  1. We initially registered a subsidiary business in Canada and drafted a well-rounded business plan for the client. 

  2. The client then prepared all the essential documents according to our personalized checklist. We provided sufficient support to solve all his concerns during this process. At the same time, we helped the business lease a virtual office and prepared all the operation-related documents.

  3. One month after the application was submitted, the client's ICT work permit was successfully approved and it is valid for 2 years.

Business Profile:

Business Type: Internet Company

Years of Operation: 14 years

No. of Employees: 24

2019 Revenue: 1.5 million RMB

2019 Net Profit: 300,000 RMB

Case Analysis:

Business Advantages:

  1. Has 10 years of operation and a physical premise.

  2. Has a good number of employees and revenue.

  3. Has certain advantages in applying for the work permit as an innovative internet company.

Application Strategy:

The ultimate goal of the client is immigration, so we tailored our strategy based on the client’s needs.

  1. Firstly, we have confirmed the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program as the appropriate program based on the client’s conditions and needs.  e

  2. Secondly, we list the requirements that the client does not meet. In order to qualify, the client needs to:

  • Obtain a long-term, full-time job 

  • Work for the employer for at least 6 months.

  1. At last, we selected the ICT work permit program for the client based on the client's current situation.

    • Considering the fact that the parent company’s background is relatively good, the application was approved smoothly. 

    • The client is able to submit the application of Manitoba PNP 6 months after he starts working for the Canadian subsidiary. 

Customer Testimonial:

"We have very good experience with this visa application. The employees of your company are very professional and attentive. They provide us with visa-related services in a timely manner. If you want to give your company a score, it must be the full score! My only suggestion is that you could promote your brand and your company so that you could bring your professionalism and quality service to those we are in need."

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