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May 20, 2022
Start-up Visa

How to apply for the Start-up Visa?-- Program Details and Requirements

Discover how to apply for Canada's Start-Up Visa Program, providing key information for entrepreneurs looking to gain Canadian residency.

How to apply for the Start-up Visa?-- Program Details and Requirements

After introducing Canada’s Start-Up Visa program eligibility, we hope you have a clear image of the program's details. This article will show you what you need to look out for and what you need to do to apply to the program.

When applicants apply for the Start-up Visa Program, whether it is a work permit or PR application, their business ideas or ventures need to get the support of one or more of the designated organizations. 

Definition of the designated organizations: they are business groups approved to invest in or support possible start-ups through the Start-up Visa Program.

Designated organizations include: venture capital funds, angel investor groups and business incubators. Note that to obtain a letter of support from venture capital funds, you would need to be invested a minimum of $200,000 from one of them; to obtain a letter of support from angel investor groups, you would need to be invested a minimum of $75,000 from one of them.

We also attached the list of designated organizations at the end of the blog.

Work Permit and PR, for the optional work permit

Start-up Visa’s applicants do not need to apply for permanent residence first to enter Canada. A short-term work permit is also an option to get into the country first and work. For the “Eligibility requirements” details, please check our last article: How do you know if you’re eligible for Canada’s Start-Up Visa program? 

How can you apply for a short-term work permit?

Before submitting an application for a work permit, applicants must submit their ‘self-employed’ offer of employment, and pay the employer compliance fee ($230).

If the business has registered for a Canada Revenue Agency business number, applicants will need to submit the ‘self-employed’ offer and pay the fee through the ‘Employer Portal’. 

If your business has not yet registered for a Canada Revenue Agency business number, applicants will not be able to use ‘Employer Portal’. Applicants will need to email the Employer Portal and follow the instructions they emailed back. 

Processing Time for Work Permit

Typically, preparing your personal documents takes about a month. Total time can vary depending on how long it took you to incorporate. 

The work permit for a start-up visa is prioritized to be processed.

Government processing time

It's usually just a month, unlike a regular work permit. The time also depends on applicants’ country of residence from outside of Canada. If the application is from inside of Canada, five months is the current process time, as of May 2022.

Processing time for Families’ Visas

For your families’ visas, they are very similar to the work permit processing time, and they are typically submitted with the owner’s work permit and will be approved all at the same time.

Processing time for PR

The document preparation time is about a month. Government processing time is 31 months as of May 2022.

As previously mentioned, applicants and their families are all included in their PR applications.

The list of designated organizations

Venture capital funds

7 Gate Ventures

Arete Pacific Tech Ventures (VCC) Corp

BCF Ventures

BDC Venture Capital

Celtic House Venture Partners

Extreme Venture Partners LLP

First Fund

Golden Venture Partners Fund, LP

iNovia Capital Inc.

Intrinsic Venture Capital

Lumira Ventures

Nova Scotia Innovation Corporation (o/a Innovacorp)

PRIVEQ Capital Funds

Real Ventures

Red Leaf Capital Corp

Relay Ventures

ScaleUp Venture Partners, Inc.

Top Renergy Inc.

Vanedge Capital Limited Partnership

Version One Ventures


Westcap Management Ltd.

Yaletown Venture Partners Inc.

York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) VC Fund

Angel investor groups

Canadian International Angel Investors

Ekagrata Inc.

Golden Triangle Angel Network

Keiretsu Forum Canada

Oak Mason Investments Inc.

Southeastern Ontario Angel Network

TenX Angel Investors Inc.

VANTEC Angel Network Inc.

York Angel Investors Inc.

Business incubators

Alacrity Foundation

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Agrivalue Processing Business Incubator

Food Processing Development Centre

Alberta IoT Association

Biomedical Commercialization Canada Inc. (operating as Manitoba Technology Accelerator)

Brilliant Catalyst

Creative Destruction Lab

DMZ Ventures

Empowered Startups Ltd.

Extreme Innovations

Genesis Centre

Highline BETA Inc.


Innovation Cluster - Peterborough and the Kawarthas

Innovation Factory

Interactive Niagara Media Cluster o/a Innovate Niagara

Invest Ottawa

Knowledge Park o/a Planet Hatch


LatAm Startups

Launch Academy - Vancouver

LaunchPad PEI Inc.

Millworks Centre for Entrepreneurship

NEXT Canada

North Forge East Ltd.

North Forge Technology Exchange

Pacific Technology Ventures

Platform Calgary

Pycap Inc (o/a Pycap Venture Partners)

Real Investment Fund III L.P. o/a FounderFuel

Roseview Global Incubator

Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre

Spring Activator

The DMZ at Ryerson University

Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC)


TSRV Canada Inc. (operating as Techstars Canada)

University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Hatchery


Waterloo Accelerator Centre

York Entrepreneurship Development Institute

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