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Jun 4, 2021
Team SuperVisas

SuperVersary! Celebrating 2 Years of Innovative Immigration

For two years, we’ve been working hard to save our clients hundreds of dollars in fees while boosting our visa application approval rating.

SuperVersary! Celebrating 2 Years of Innovative Immigration

June 1st, 2021 marks SuperVisas’ two-year anniversary of making Canadian visa application process simple, affordable, and fast.

For two years, we’ve been working hard to save our clients hundreds of dollars in fees while boosting our visa application approval rating. Since SuperVisas’ founding, we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, not only with a more robust product but also a bigger and more diverse team. 

To celebrate our second anniversary, let’s take a look back at SuperVisas’ origins, learn about what our team is working on today, and get a sneak peek at what we have planned for the near future.

SuperVisas was founded by immigrants who understand the immigration process firsthand

In the past, the Canadian immigration experience wasn’t always easy or accessible. I know this firsthand, and I founded SuperVisas as a result of my own Canadian immigration experience.

When I was 18-years-old and trying to move to Canada as a university student, I navigated the entire immigration process. After school, I stayed in Canada to work, and went from student to permanent residency to Canadian citizenship. So, I’ve experienced every bump and pothole that you could possibly hit on the road of Canadian immigration.

Two years ago, I used my personal experience to found a company that strives to make immigration easier.  

Simply put, SuperVisas is proprietary software that breaks the Canadian immigration process down into three simple steps: First SuperVisas helps the applicant finds the right immigration pathway from 150+ different programs, then determines the applicant’s eligibility, and finally a top-tier Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) reviews each application before submission. 

With the help of a powerful platform, SuperVisas simplifies the immigration application process and enables our immigration consultants to be exponentially more efficient. In the past, traditional immigration consultants would take weeks or even months to finalize a visa application. With SuperVisas, that process takes days.

We’re very proud to offer free 30-minute consultations to help potential applicants better understand Canadian visa programs and more.

Because our platform is powering this process, SuperVisas’ consultants can help up to ten times as many clients every month - and with all this automation and efficiency comes reduced cost. So, you’re saving time and money by relying on SuperVisas to power your Canadian immigration process.  

Ultimately, our goal is to enable more people to have better experiences coming to Canada, for less money, all while creating more business for immigration consultants at the same time. Two years after our founding, SuperVisas’ mission is still the same but our team and product have continued to evolve and improve.

Two years later, SuperVisas continues to grow and innovate the immigration industry

In the past two years, SuperVisas has been actively building a diverse team that today includes seven people all with unique ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Our entirely remote work culture has empowered us to look across the globe in order to hire the best of the best. 

Our co-founder and SuperVisas’ COO Joe Chen pivoted his background in biomedicine into a tech career when we started SuperVisas together. Our second co-founder and SuperVisa’s CTO Spencer Dobrik has used his skills as a product manager and full-stack developer to bring transparency and affordability to the immigration process. 

SuperVisas’ world class technology wouldn’t be possible without Guillermo Eijo, a full-stack developer from Montevideo, Uruguay. We have a 98% application approval rate because of RCICs like Xueran “Anna” Han who originally studied English language and literature in Beijing before becoming an RCIC in Montreal, and Leyla Mammadova, who studied business in Azerbaijan before moving to Canada and becoming an immigration professional.

And lastly, our diverse and growing team is held together with the help of Jash Thakkar, our operations assistant who is originally from India and recently graduated from Schulich School of Business, York University in Ontario with a Masters in Management. 

About 70% of our team are immigrants to Canada. We have been through Canada’s immigration system, and know firsthand how complicated and nerve-wracking the process can be. We’ve stood where you’re standing, which is why we work so hard to simplify the process and make our clients happy. Being able to empathize with our clients is important, but we’ve also been working incredibly hard to build a powerful product over the last two years.

We recently released the newest version of our high-level Eligibility Checker which simplifies the eligibility process for users by only asking questions about their backgrounds and future plans. This enables users to identify the programs they might be eligible for in less than three minutes, on average.

SuperVisas is also incredibly proud to announce that our approval rating has jumped to 98% for all our submitted visa applications. Our technology is helping you get a Canadian visa faster, more efficiently, and with a higher approval rate than ever before!

And we’re not done growing!

The SuperVisas team looks to the future

Immigration is the future of Canada which means more people will be coming to Canada to study, work, and live, and we want to make SuperVisas the best and easiest way for them to do that. 

SuperVisas is excited and honored to be a member of Canada’s tech boom alongside legendary tech companies like Shopify, Clio, and other Canada-born tech startups. We recently had the honor of winning a pitch competition at Velocity, an incubator for early-stage, pre-seed tech startups. Since then we’ve doubled down on our own product and team growth - indeed, we’re currently raising a seed round from a group of investors, and we’re excited for what’s to come.

In the near future, we’ll be building features to enable users to do even more in-depth checks of eligibility for specific programs. By giving our program-matching feature a laser-like precision we enable users to get a complete picture at any time of day while still having the opportunity to speak with us during business hours. SuperVisas will also be adding a new feature to help users find alternative paths to immigration if they currently do not meet all of the requirements.

As we enter year three at SuperVisas, we’ll continue to improve our technology to better serve our clients. 

SuperVisas is ready to partner up with you in year 3!

In the last year, SuperVisas has saved up to US$147,000 for our partners from different regions such as UAE, India and China, as compared to partnership with traditional immigration lawyer firms. This is due to the fact that SuperVisas’ price model is 50% lower than the market rate of traditional immigration law firms. 

We are able to offer these prices because we have the support of our proprietary platform that streamlines the process by empowering applicants to first navigate the right immigration pathway from 100s of different immigration programs in under THREE minutes!

Despite the ongoing Pandemic, we have been able to grow substantially by helping clients no matter where they are located. Our partner from India can corroborate the fact, as most of his clients are from UAE & India. SuperVisas has successfully helped a significant number of those clients to immigrate to Canada, while also enabling our partner to save a considerable amount of money. 

One of our other partners admitted that at first, they were skeptical about using a platform to power the Canadian immigration process, but after viewing the immigration assessment reports they received, they were convinced! Of their experience working with SuperVisas they said:

“SuperVisas really helped our company to handle a much larger application workload. We look forward to further expanding our collaboration with SuperVisas in the future!”

With over 150 different immigration programs, Canada has one of the most complex immigration systems in the world. SuperVisas’ vision is to make it easier for applicants to navigate through the entire application process and the only way we can accomplish this is with the help of partners like you. Visit our partnership portal to learn more about how it all works. 

SuperVisas is ready to make you a happy customer in year 3!

Happy clients are just one of the many reasons why we’re so excited about year three at SuperVisas. Our team is ready to keep working, building, and growing to create a simplified Canadian visa application process.

Immigration and tech are Canada’s future, and SuperVisas is part of that future. Visit our website to learn more, and check your eligibility for Canadian immigration for free! If you’re interested in one-on-one guidance to better understand visa programs and SuperVisas’ process, schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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