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SuperVisas offers instant visa eligibility checks, licensed immigration experts to handle your client cases, and competitive fees, so you can grow your agency and help more people.
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Check your client’s qualifications for all visa types at once

Agencies often take hours checking potential clients’ eligibility, and sometimes turn clients away if they can’t support their visa application. SuperVisas checks eligibility for over 150 Canadian visa and immigration programs, and we support every application, so if you work with us, you can start saying yes to more clients and grow your agency along the way.
Get client insights like applicant tracking, case status and more
SuperVisas enables you to easily manage all your clients and at the same time allows your clients to track their application status on their own. Plus, you get checklists, templates and other resources to help your agency run more smoothly and efficiently.
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Tech-savvy licensed immigration experts at lower rates
Our in-house immigration experts have a 98%+ application success rate and, by using the SuperVisas platform, are more efficient than almost anyone else in the industry. This means we charge you less for better immigration services than you’ll find almost anywhere else, and those savings turn into growth for your agency.
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20+immigration agency partners
$20,000+average increase in profit per partner
98%approval rate
150+programs supported

We support agencies from around the world

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