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SuperVisas' AI-Powered Tool: Easy AI Study Permit Assistance

SuperVisas offers an AI-Powered Study Plan Maker for Canada, creating personalized study plans for study permit applications, available 24/7, fast and free.

SuperVisas' AI-Powered Tool: Easy AI Study Permit Assistance

Preparing a study plan is a crucial step for international students applying for a Canadian study permit. A study plan outlines your academic and career aspirations, justifying why studying in Canada is integral to fulfilling these ambitions. Notably, it also affirms your intention to return home post-studies, reflecting the temporary nature of your Canadian stay.

With SuperVisas' groundbreaking AI-powered Study Plan Maker, applying for a study permit just got easier than ever.


  • Effortless and Time-Saving: Generate a professional-quality study plan in minutes, instead of spending hours on your own or waiting for an expert.
  • Free of charge: Free for all users.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: Download your bespoke plan whenever you need it.

How to Use It

  1. Getting Started

    To begin, log onto your SuperVisas applicant account. Then, navigate to “Search Visas” and start a “Study Permit” or “Study Permit - Student Direct Stream” application.

    After starting an application, you can find the “Generate Study Plan” tool under the “4 - Upload All Required Documents” step. Click to use it.

  2. Entering Your Information

    The Study Plan Maker will prompt you to provide some personal details, such as:
    • Your name
    • Past education
    • Work experience
    • Intended program of study in Canada
    • Your future career plan
    • Ties to your country

    Your information helps our AI tailor the study plan to your specific situation. Additionally, we will populate other tasks/questionnaires with the data entered, saving you time if you decide to complete the whole application with us.

  3. Generating and Reviewing the Study Plan

    Trained on our proprietary data and expert knowledge, our AI will draft you a personalized study plan like a human expert but much faster. It typically takes less than a minute.

    You can review and modify the study plan if necessary before downloading it.

    Applying for school abroad is a big step, and many of our students recognize the importance of an expert review of the study plan and your entire study permit for a better approval rate.

    Our services include reviewing your documents, preparing your submission, filing for a study permit, and representing you to the government.


  • Precision is key – the more accurate your input, the better your plan will be.
  • Always review your AI-generated plan yourself or with an expert before submitting your application.
  • Encounter any issues? Click the chat icon in the bottom right for immediate assistance.

Data Security and privacy

Your privacy is our priority. We ensure none of your personal information leaves our platform and all personal data is anonymized before being used in AI.

Next Steps

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Jie Chen
Co-founder & Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC, R#707585)Jie Chen
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