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2023년 10월 17일
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Revolutionizing Immigration: Our New User Interface

SuperVisas enhances immigration transparency with a user-friendly interface, clear task guidance, and upfront fee disclosure, putting users in control.

Revolutionizing Immigration: Our New User Interface

SuperVisas is excited to unveil its latest innovation – a brand-new user interface designed to make the immigration process more transparent and user-friendly. This launch is a testament to our commitment to the SuperVisas Transparency Pledge, where we promise honesty, clarity, and ease of use throughout the visa application journey.

Four Design Principles That Transform Your Application Experience

  • Progress Control empowers you to navigate your application journey at your own pace. You can effortlessly skip ahead or revisit previous stages of your application whenever necessary (vs. being able to only work on one task at a time on other visa platforms).

    With this level of control, you can provide the necessary information that you have on hand now, completing tasks on your schedule and reviewing completed tasks at any time. This flexibility enhances your control over the entire process, offering you a holistic view of the journey ahead and the progress already made.

    (New User Interface Overview)
  • Process Visibility gives you a comprehensive roadmap to visa approval, delineating each step in the process. It clearly distinguishes between your responsibilities, SuperVisas' involvement, and government tasks. Additionally, it shows which steps can be initiated immediately, which are available for preview, and which remain locked. For example, the payment task remains locked until we are sure you are eligible, as promised in our Transparency Pledge.

    You get a precise description of every application stage, upfront from the outset. With SuperVisas you will understand the entire application process avoiding any surprises, compared to law firm and other agencies offline procedures.

    (Various stages and stage tasks)

  • Task Guides are your personal assistant, guiding you through the detailed steps. It explains the specific documents and information needed, reducing the likelihood of errors and saving you valuable time.

    You also can see the government and SuperVisas’s tasks and response times, allowing you to plan your application journey efficiently. The guides enhance your understanding of the immigration process and also streamlines the application process itself.

    (Various stages and stage tasks)

  • Fee Transparency is fundamental to our Transparency Pledge commitment. All costs associated with your visa application, including service and government fees, are shown publicly from the beginning. In contrast, working with traditional immigration firms or agencies often mean surprise billings, extra disbursements and hidden fees.

    Payment is only accepted once your eligibility is confirmed, as our goal is happy customers with approved visas. We provide government fee calculators, however final government fees are determined by your expert reviewer based on your specific situation.

    In the event of a refusal, rest assured that SuperVisas will assist with your resubmission at no additional cost from us. This allows you to plan your finances effectively and make informed decisions before proceeding with your application.

    (Service Fee)

    (Government Fees)

Getting Started with SuperVisas' New User Interface

SuperVisas redefines the visa and immigration application process, making application guidance and expert review more transparent and accessible than ever before. Embark on your application journey today with our new interface.

There is no cost to check your eligibility or set up an account and begin an application. Follow this link to check your eligibility, or start an application right away here.

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