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1 dic 2022
B1/B2 Visa

What is a B1/B2 Visa?

The B-1/B-2 U.S. visa, a nonimmigrant visitor visa, outlines specific permitted activities and requires proof of trip's temporariness and financial capability.

What is a B1/B2 Visa?

Generally, a foreign national wishing to enter the U.S. must first obtain either an immigrant visa for long-term residency or a nonimmigrant visa for a short visit. The B-1/B-2 Nonimmigrant visitor visa is available to those who wish to enter the country for tourism temporarily (visa category B-2), business (visa category B-1), or a mix of both (B-1/B-2).

What activities are allowed while holding a B-1 or B-2 visa?

B-1 for Business:
  • Attend business meetings or consult with colleagues
  • Attend a convention or conference in the fields of science, education, business, or professional
  • Settle an estate
  • Discuss/Negotiate a contract

B-2 for Tourism:
  • Tourism
  • Vacation (holiday)
  • Visit with family or friends
  • Medical assistance
  • Attending social gatherings held by fraternal, social, or service organizations
  • Amateurs participating in sporting, musical, or similar activities or competitions without receiving payment
  • Enrolment in a brief, non-degree-granting course of study (for example, a two-day cooking class while on vacation)

What are activities NOT allowed while holding a B-1 or B-2 visa?
  • Studying at a University or Institution
  • Employment
  • Any professional performance, either for money or in front of an audience that is paying
  • Arrival as a crew member of a ship or aircraft
  • Work in journalism, radio, film, print, or other informational media as a foreign press reporter
  • Permanent residence in the U.S.

How to be eligible for a B1 visa or B2 visa?

The applicant must demonstrate both the temporary nature of the trip and their financial capacity to cover all associated expenses. They must also show that they have no intention of staying in the U.S. when their visit ends or that they will abandon a residence elsewhere.

To be successful in obtaining a B-1/B-2 visa to enter the U.S., you need to:
  • Have a foreign residence with no intention of abandoning that residence
  • Be travelling through the country temporarily
  • Intend to leave the country after the stay
  • Have an allowable business or tourist-related activities in the U.S.
  • Possess sufficient resources to travel to, vacation, and leave the U.S.
  • Receive no payment from a US organization for travel for work purposes
  • When you apply for the visa, you must be outside of the U.S.

A B1, or B2 visa is temporary and does not give permanent residence status. B visas can be obtained for a maximum of 180 days. Multiple entries into the U.S. are permitted with these visas.

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