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LMIA Success: Owning a Business as a Path to Residency

LMIA Approvals - A success story about the LMIA Owner-Operator application, offering valuable insights for prospective Canadian entrepreneurs.

LMIA Success: Owning a Business as a Path to Residency

Personal Profile

Age: 44 

Education: MBA

Work experience: Airline Director

Family member: Applicant Only

Language: N/A

Nationality: Pakistani

Application Process

  1. SuperVisas provided the client with information regarding various businesses that were for sale based on the client’s requirements 

  2. We recommended Canadian local accountants and business lawyers to help customers complete business purchase as well as company registration procedures with assistance from third-party professionals

  3. According to the customer’s business type, we developed an application plan for the customer and wrote a business plan.

  4. Submitted an LMIA application.

  5. Provided LMIA interview counseling.

  6. One week after the interview, LMIA was successfully approved.

Business Profile

Business Type: Coin Laundry 

Business Type: Sole Proprietorship 

Years of Operation: about 10 years

Business Price: 70,000 Canadian dollars

Business Rent: 3,500 Canadian dollars/month

Case Analysis


  1. The client has a genuine intention to operate a laundry shop, but has no relevant work experience.

  2. The business is a sole proprietorship without a specific company structure

  3. The business scale is small and there are no other employees.

Application Strategy

  1. We highlighted the client’s rich customer service and management experience, which are particularly important in the process of operating a laundry shop

  2. We helped our client complete company registration and formed a proper company structure for his business 

  3. We formulated a detailed business plan for the client based on their expected development of the company, which includes important information such as personnel recruitment plans, company expansion plans, and company sales and profit expectations

Customer Testimonial

Very efficient and professional organization. Took care of all the tasks on time and the process was completed smoothly.

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