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Success Story - Canada’s C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit

Read inspiring success stories of entrepreneurs who navigated Canada's C11 work permit process, offering insights and guidance.

Success Story - Canada’s C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit

The C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit is part of Canada's International Mobility Program (IMP), enabling foreign entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to work in Canada as self-employed individuals.

The initial permit is valid for two years and can be renewed multiple times if the business remains active and profitable. The C11 work permit processing time is usually one to three months, but applicants in Canada can also apply for a C11 work permit at the US-Canadian land border to get the result on the same day. In this blog, we will present the client’s background and how our immigration expert has personalized the application strategy based on it to get the C11 work permit approved.

Client’s Background

  • Age: 56
  • Citizenship: Vietnam
  • Education: Bachelor of Foreign language, and a Post-Baccalaureate diploma in Asia Pacific Management
  • IELTS: 7

Work Experience

  • The applicant is a successful entrepreneur with over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Having past successful entrepreneurial experience is essential to the C11 case.
  • The applicant has 8 years of successful senior managing experience at an international furniture and home decor store in the same industry as the Canadian business.
  • The applicant has 2 businesses(Not in the same industry as the Canadian business) back in Vietnam. All of them are profitable.

Business Info

Canadian Business: The business was newly established in Canada.
  • The Canadian business is a high-end provider of upholstery services with experience in residential, commercial upholstery and reupholstery.
  • The applicant has 55% of the shares.

Investment fund:
  • Total $300,000 CAD
  • With $220,000 CAD available in the Canadian business bank account

Expert Insights

C11 work permit requires the applicant to prove that their proposed Canadian business will likely be successful and generate significant economic, social or cultural benefits, or opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

In this C11 work permit application, we highlighted a well-supported business plan with extensive research, sufficient investment, as well as the effort already made to start their business here, including a business partner onboarded who is a Canadian citizen.

A well-crafted C11 business plan based on the client's past profile showcases the Company's projected growth to 40 employees by Year 5, with payroll expenses rising from $119,931 in Year 1 to $1,311,135 in Year 5, and revenues growing from $374,400 in Year 1 to $2,644,459 in Year 5.

In our submission letter, we also emphasized the applicant's entrepreneurial background, outstanding achievements in the international furniture and home decor industry and success in other business ventures to support that the Canadian business will likely be a success. This compelling case underscores the applicant's value as an entrepreneur, bolstering the chances of a successful C11 work permit outcome.

To further increase the likelihood of approval, we recommended the applicant travel to Canada and apply for a C11 work permit at the US-Canadian land border. Immigration experts call it “flagpoling”. Flagpoling is often an industry secret and not known to applicants.

Flagpoling is useful when the processing time of a visa in Canada is longer than desired, and can be helpful for business immigrants as they will have a chance to provide real-time answers to the officer who is reviewing their visa application themselves. The Canadian government also shares some relevant information on flagpoling.

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