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Foreign Workers Can Now Study in Canada Without A Study Permit

Sean Fraser announced a new measure on June 27, 2023, removing study program duration limits for temporary foreign workers in Canada without study permits.

Foreign Workers Can Now Study in Canada Without A Study Permit

On June 27th, 2023, Minister Sean Fraser introduced a new temporary measure eliminating the restriction on the duration of study programs for temporary foreign workers without a study permit. The initiative acknowledges that foreign workers may encounter obstacles in pursuing the study programs necessary for advancing their careers.

Previously, foreign workers were only permitted to engage in study programs lasting six months or less while working. If they desired to enroll in a longer program, they were required to apply for a separate study permit. This requirement posed a challenge for foreign workers seeking to enhance their education and receive additional training, particularly those aiming to validate their foreign qualifications through specific programs.

The new temporary measure is valid for three years, allowing foreign workers to study without restrictions on program length while holding a valid work permit. Whether studying full or part-time, foreign workers can pursue their educational goals alongside their employment.

This measure applies to individuals with a valid work permit or those awaiting a decision on their work permit extension as of June 27, 2023. However, if a foreign worker intends to study for a duration exceeding that of their work permit, they will be required to apply for a separate study permit.

The introduced measure not only aids foreign workers in broadening their potential career options but also enhances their prospects of transitioning to permanent residence. By enabling them to pursue higher levels of education or gain qualifying work experience, the measure allows foreign workers to increase their Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS). This, in turn, boosts their eligibility and competitiveness in the process of obtaining permanent residency.

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