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2021년 8월 6일
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Success Story: Canada Immigration via LMIA Owner Operator

LMIA Approvals - A 37-year-old Indian entrepreneur's LMIA application success, overcoming pandemic challenges, buying a Canadian computer store.

Success Story: Canada Immigration via LMIA Owner Operator

Personal Profile

Age: 37

Education: MBA

Work experience: 7 years of experience as a business owner

Family member: Applicant

Language score: none

Nationality: India

Application Process

  1. SuperVisas provided the client with information regarding various businesses that were for sale based on the client’s requirements 

  2. We recommended Canadian local accountants and business lawyers to help customers complete business purchase as well as company registration procedures with assistance from third-party professionals

  3. According to the customer’s business type, we developed an application plan for the customer and wrote a business plan.

  4. Submitted an LMIA application.

  5. Provided LMIA interview counseling.

  6. One week after the interview, LMIA was successfully approved.

Business Profile

Business Type: Computer Supplies Retail Store

Business Form: Limited Liability Corporation 

Years of Operations: about 10 years

Business Price: 70,000 Canadian dollars (including property)

Business Rent: 0

Case Analysis


  1. Affected by the Pandemic, retail stores in Ontario were closed. Therefore, the business purchased by the customer did not have any operational records.

Application Strategy:

  1. Ontario entered the second stage of reopening on June 30, and all retail businesses were allowed to open. We immediately contacted the trial officer on the day of reopening, and tried to book an interview as soon as possible.

  2. During the interview, we proactively explained to the visa officer the reason why the company has not been in business due to the impact of the Pandemic. 

  3. Lastly, The client explained the company's development plan, expansion plan, and personnel recruitment plan based on the business plan designed for him in advance.

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