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2021년 4월 9일
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Success Story: Global Talent Stream Application

Global Talent Stream Approvals - The success stories in the Global Talent Stream application process, and gain insights for your own journey.

Success Story: Global Talent Stream Application

Personal Profile

Age: 23 

Education: BA in International Relations from USA

Work Experience: 3 months’ experience as a Data Scientist 

Family Member: Applicant only

Language: N/A

Nationality: Peruvian 

Application Process

  1. After graduating from the University, the customer worked as a Data Scientist in a Technology company. After comparing the immigration process of the US and Canada, the customer decided to immigrate to Canada.

  2. The client can only get a CRS score of 404 points even with CLB-9 language scores and one-year foreign work experience. Currently, the invitation score is around 460 points for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.  

  3. After communicating with the customer, we discovered that even though the customer’s company was headquartered in Canada, the customer will not be eligible for an ICT work permit as he is not a senior manager nor a specialized knowledge worker. The NOC code for the customer’s job is 2173 and so we decided to apply for an LMIA through Global Talent Stream, the processing time for which is only 10 days. 

  4. Once the LMIA is approved, the client is able to get an additional 50 points in the Express Entry system; he can submit an Express Entry profile once he has accumulated one year working experience. 

The current employer of the customer was willing to cooperate and support his LMIA application. 

Employer Profile

Business Type: Technology Company

Years of Operation: Nearly 4 years

Number of Employees: 12

Business Turnover: 400,000 CAD/year

Hiring Position: Data Scientist; NOC CODE 2172

History of Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers: None

Case Analysis

Employer Advantages 

The business has a 4-year history of operations, 12 full-time employees and the company is profitable. 


Considering the fact that the company’s background was relatively good and the position we applied for was a GTS position, the LMIA was approved smoothly. But the difficulty of this application lies in the application for a work permit. NOC CODE 2172 generally requires applicants to hold a bachelor degree in Computer Science or Mathematics, and some computer programming experience is required. But our client's undergraduate major is International Relations, and he only has 3 months’ work experience as a Data Scientist.

Application Strategy

We conducted an in-depth analysis through communication with the customer and his company.

  1. We analyzed the similarities and differences between the positions of the customer in the US company and the Canadian company. 

  2. We provided evidence to prove the client has taken related courses and training. 

  3. We provided other relevant documents to prove the customer’s professional skills. 

The client gets his work permit in 10 business days and is currently working in the company’s headquarter in Toronto. 

Customer testimonials

"Great experience with Supervisas! They provided me with a lot of support through the work permit process, which got approved without any issues. Highly recommend them."

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  • We offer free eligibility checks and help applicants to identify the right program instantly through our software. 

  • We charge 50% less service fee than traditional immigration consulting firms with 98% approval rates for all the applications combined. 

  • All applications are reviewed by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and offer 50% refund if the application is refused.

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