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2023년 1월 17일
EB-1A VisaSuper Stories

Success Story - EB-1A

EB-1A Visa Approvals - A Chinese VP's successful self-sponsored EB-1A visa story, overcoming challenges with a 3-month premium process.

Success Story - EB-1A

Client’s Background

Age: 42

Education: Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management

Work experience: Strategic International Investment in Land Asset Management

The applicant worked for a large-scale multinational company in China which is at the forefront of strategic land asset management and usage. The applicant served as the Vice President of Business Development for Mainland China.

The applicant served in a Senior Leadership role with her company in China, where she ultimately developed and explored various investment channels to continue her company’s global investment success. In this role, the applicant was responsible for establishing overseas offshore funds and corporate negotiations to align with the overseas investment opportunities for Mainland China. Reporting directly to the company's President, the applicant became a prominent figure within the organization in China over their 11-year career with the company.

Language: English; Mandarin

Nationality: China

Case Analysis

Applicant position: Vice President, Business Development for Mainland China

Type of visa petition: I-140, Immigrant Visa Petition under (EB-1A)– Extraordinary Ability. The petition for the applicant was self-sponsored. Although the applicant had an offer of employment from a U.S. employer, the applicant was able to successfully petition for the Immigrant Visa on their own.

Of the 10 enumerated criteria to satisfy the EB-1A classification of the Immigrant Visa Petition, the applicant satisfied four (i, vi, viii, ix) of ten criteria, namely:

A. Receipt of internationally recognized prizes and awards for excellence in the field of endeavor.

B. Recognized as an author of scholarly articles in their field of expertise.

C. Performing in a critical role for organizations that has a distinguished reputation.

D. Commanding a high salary or other significantly high remuneration for services in relation to others in the field.

Creation Date: May 3, 2022

Submission Type: USCIS California Service Center

Submitted time: October 20, 2022

Approved time: December 21, 2022

Government Processing time: 3 months. The petition was premium processed.

Application Highlights:

The Applicant received a Request for Evidence regarding the initial evidence that was submitted with the initial petition. USCIS claimed the applicant had not met all of the requirements for approval. SuperVisas worked with the client to address each claim made by USCIS. The application was approved approximately one week after the RFE.

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