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12 oct 2023
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New Canadian Super Visa Rules 2023

Canada's Reuniting Families Act enhances Super Visa rules, offering more flexible health insurance options and extending maximum stay duration to five years.

New Canadian Super Visa Rules 2023

Canada's dedication to reunifying families is evident, especially with the introduction of Bill C-242, also known as the "Reuniting Families Act". This significant legislation amends the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, focusing on the temporary resident visas for parents and grandparents.

Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the updates:

What is the Super Visa?

The Super Visa is a multi-entry visa crafted exclusively for parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents. It permits them to stay in Canada for extended periods, thus fostering closer family ties and more prolonged visits.

Key Changes from the Reuniting Families Act (Bill C-242)

  • Private Health Insurance Flexibility: A pivotal change introduced by this bill is in the health insurance requirements. Previously, applicants were mandated to purchase medical insurance from a Canadian company.

    Now, as per the Act, parents and grandparents can buy health insurance from approved providers outside Canada to satisfy their visa requirements.

  • Extended Stay Duration: Another monumental change is the extension of the allowed stay duration. The Act now permits a temporary resident, visiting their Canadian child or grandchild, to remain in the country for an impressive five years.
  • Reduction of the Minimum Income Requirement: The Act requires the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to prepare and present a report concerning the potential reduction of the minimum income requirement.

    This income threshold needs to be met by the sponsoring Canadian child or grandchild for their visiting relative's extended stay in Canada. The focus is on making this requirement more accommodating and taking into account any special circumstances during visa application processing. As of today, there hasn’t been a change to the Income Requirement but we may see it next year.

  • Accountability and Transparency: The Minister is mandated to table the aforementioned report in both the House of Commons and the Senate within a year of the Act's royal assent.

    Furthermore, within ten days of tabling in Parliament, the report must be made publicly available on the Department of Citizenship and Immigration's website. If, within two years of the Act's royal assent, no reduction to the income requirement is provided, the Minister must present a statement detailing the reasons for this decision.

What Remains Unchanged?

While Bill C-242 introduces several modifications, fundamental visa application aspects remain intact. For instance, the sponsor (Canadian child or grandchild) still has to provide a letter of invitation and show proof of their Canadian status.

The Reuniting Families Act brings forth a series of thoughtful amendments aimed at making family reunions smoother and more straightforward. With the flexibility in health insurance procurement and the potential easing of the income threshold, Canada continues to strengthen its reputation as a nation that values family ties.

As always, for a more detailed understanding and accurate information, always refer to the official sources or consult with our immigration experts.

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