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22 mar 2021
Super StoriesIntra-Company Transferee (ICT)

Success Story: Immigrating to Canada with an ICT Work Permit

ICT Approvals - March 2021: Chinese internet company owner secures ICT work permit for Canadian subsidiary after overcoming financial viability concerns.

Success Story: Immigrating to Canada with an ICT Work Permit

Personal Profile

Age: 50 

Education: Major: Chinese Medicine;  Degree: Chinese Bachelor Degree

Work Experience: 17 years’ senior management experience

Family Member: Applicant Only

Language: N/A 

Nationality: Chinese

Application Process

This client is the owner of an internet company in China. As he does not meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, he has to accumulate work experience in Canada via an ICT work permit. He will then be qualified to immigrate to Canada through a Provincial Nomination Program. 

  1. We initially registered a subsidiary business in Canada and drafted a well-rounded business plan for the client. 

  1. The client then prepared all the essential documents according to our personalized checklist. We provided sufficient support to solve all his concerns during this process.  At the same time, we helped the business lease a virtual office and prepared all the operation-related documents.

  1. Unfortunately,  the case was refused after one month of submission.. The refusal reason is that the immigration officer does not believe the parent company is financially available  to support the establishment of the Canadian subsidiary. 

  1. An ATIP (Access to Information and Privacy) request usually takes around 1 month. Since We were very confident about the parent company’s financial status, we submitted a second application directly by skipping the ATIP request. 

  1. In the second application, we emphasized the financial strengths of the parent company, and received a positive decision within one month. 

Business Profile

Business Type: Internet Company

Years of Operation: 10 years

No. of Employees: 27

2020 Revenue: nearly 7 million CNY (Approx. 1.3 million CAD)

2020 Net Profit: 300,000 CNY (Approx. 58,000 CAD)

Case Analysis

Business Advantages

  1. Has 10 years of operation and a physical premise. 

  2. Has a good number of employees and revenue

  3. Has certain advantages in applying for the work permit as an innovative internet company.

  4. Has already hired 1 Canadian employee due to business needs. 


According to the financial statements, the business only began to make a profit in 2020. 

Application Strategy

Since the parent company has been incurring losses in recent years, it is hard to prove it is financially sufficient to establish a subsidiary company in Canada. To conquer this,, we, at first, developed a personalized business plan  after an in-depth analysis of the company as well as the entire industry. Secondly, we dug deeper into the  parent company’s financial as well as operational status, which includes, but not limited to, ways of expenditure and resources of revenue. By strengthening the growing revenue and reasonably explaining the losses, we helped our client successfully obtain an approval for the work permit. 

Customer Testimonial

“I have successfully obtained the approval letter for my ICT application. Thank you for Anna, Joe and Sean! Although it was during the COVID-19 epidemic, we always stay in touch. They answered every question and gave advice. They are patient, professional, and efficient. I will recommend it to everyone who needs it.”

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