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23 feb 2021
Self-Employed Persons Program

Canada's Self-Employed Persons Program: Artists & Athletes

Self-employed Persons Program: Process, Fees, Processing Time. It outlines the eligibility criteria and the intention to make a significant contribution.

Canada's Self-Employed Persons Program: Artists & Athletes

Canada Self-employed Persons Program—Cultural Artists and Athletes Welcome! 

A stable and merit-centric immigration system like Canada lends itself very well to automation. However, an immigration is far too important an opportunity to be left completely in the hands of technology. 


By combining automation and technology with an experienced pool of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, SuperVisas offers a fantastic platform for individuals as well as immigration agencies across the world. 


Post Summary

-       Canada’s Self-Employed Persons program is for self-employed persons in cultural/arts occupations and athletics. 

-       Two-year experience at world class level or of self-employed is essential to qualify.

-       You must intend to and must be able to make significant contribution in your field in Canada.

-       No minimum net worth or investments as long as you can sustain yourself and your family in Canada.   


About Canada’s Self-Employed Persons Program


Multiple PNPs have business immigration streams for entrepreneurs, including international graduate entrepreneurs seeking permanent residence in Canada. Further, the federal Startup Visa offers a route to Canadian PR for individuals with disruptive and innovative start-up ideas.


Along with this, Canada has a separate program aimed at certain types of self-employed people. To qualify for permanent residence under Canada’s Self-employed Persons Program, you must 

-       Have minimum two years experience participating in cultural activities or athletics at world-class level or as a self-employed person in cultural activities or athletics, and

-       Make significant contribution in these fields in Canada. 


Cultural activities refer to artistic and cultural occupations/fields including authors, performing artists, painters and sculptors, musicians, craftsperson, and technical support related to these fields.


What constitutes significant contribution is a matter of subjective assessment. Your contribution to cultural activities at local level too can help you qualify for permanent residence provided it is significant and has a positive impact on Canadian life. 


With SuperVisas, you can check whether you, or your clients, are eligible for this program. Just answer a few questions and you can instantly find out the right program that matches your profile. 


About the Process


Step 1

To qualify, you must have at least two years of experience within five years of the date of your application for permanent residence. 


Step 2

If you fulfill the definition of a self-employed person, then your application will be graded against the selection grid. To qualify, you must score 35 points or higher out of the maximum of 100 points. 


Education—5 points for high-school pass out while 17 years or more of full-time study can help you score the maximum score of 25 points. 


Experience—20 points for two years and the highest of 35 points for five years of relevant experience.


Age—0 points for those aged either below 16 or above 54 years. Maximum of 10 points for those aged between 21-49 years.


Language—Highest of 24 points for high proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in French or English. 


Adaptability—Maximum of 6 points based on spouse’s level of education, Canadian work or study experience of self or spouse, or presence of relatives in Canada. 


Step 3

Submit proof of your ability to sustain yourself and your family in Canada and to finance your work in your cultural field or athletics after becoming a permanent resident. 


You must have access to liquid funds equal to or higher than the Low Income Cut Off applicable for the year in which you apply for permanent residence. 


Step 4

Submit medical and police certificates to prove you and your family members are in good health and are not inadmissible to enter and live in Canada 


Immigrating with SuperVisas is a quick and efficient process. Instant eligibility assessment is followed by upload of documents that will be reviewed by a regulation immigration consultant. Only after your eligibility is confirmed and verified do you have to pay anything.  


Government Fees




Processing fee


Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)




Processing fee


Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF)




Dependent child


Processing fee






Family of two or more people



Smartly leveraging technology allows SuperVisas to offer quality services for just half the service fee charged by traditional immigration consulting firms. And our detailed yet quick assessment process helps us maintain an impressive 98 percent approval rates for all the types of applications combined. 


All applications are reviewed by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and offer 50% refund if the application is refused.


Processing Time


While the actual processing time depends on the complexity of your application, the average processing time for the self-employed program is around 22-24 months. 


Of course, you can explore self-employed work permits to enter and work in Canada as a temporary worker. However, this would depend on your work profile and whether your cultural or sports-related occupation offers such an opportunity. 


SuperVisas is on the constant lookout to partner, associate, and collaborate with immigration agencies, educational consultants, and other professional service providers from across the world. 


Allow us to help you leverage top-notch talent and technology to expand your immigration service and cater to a wider range of clients in your country.  



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