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22 dic 2022
Work Permit

Applying to a PGWP-Eligible Canadian School: What to Know

Not all Canadian schools and programs allow international students to qualify for a Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

Applying to a PGWP-Eligible Canadian School: What to Know

Many international students do not know this - not all Canadian schools and programs will offer them the opportunity to get a Post-graduation Work Permit (PGWP). In this blog, we will go through what schools and programs are eligible for PGWP, how to check for it and key things you should watch out for to avoid a PGWP denial.

PGWP-eligible Schools and Programs

We have listed out eligible Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs), you need to provide evidence that your program was taken in one of the institution below:
  • a public post-secondary institution, such as a college, a trade or technical school, a university, or CEGEP (in Quebec)
  • a private post-secondary institution that operates under the same rules and regulations as public institutions in Quebec
  • a private or public secondary or post-secondary institution in Quebec offering qualifying programs of 900 hours or longer leading to a diploma of vocational studies (DVS) or an attestation of vocational specialization (AVS)
  • a Canadian, private institution authorized by provincial statute to confer degrees, such as an associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree, but only if the student is enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree, as authorized by the province, which may not include all programs of study offered by the private institution

Check the DLI list to know if your college, university or program is eligible for PGWP.

Note: Changes to post-graduation work permit (PGWP) eligibility for specific programs at some DLIs in Quebec will take effect on September 1st, 2023. Check the details for your DLI in the list before enrolling.

PGWP Requirements

To obtain a post-graduation work permit, you must satisfy all other requirements besides graduating from a designated learning institution qualified for the PGWP.

After graduating, you have up to 180 days to submit an application for a PGWP. When you apply, you must confirm that you participated in and finished your program, the name of your program and the length of your program.

These can be verified by providing any of your diploma or degree, a transcript of your study or a formal letter from your institution. Here's what you need to know about PGWP requirements:
  • your study permit has been valid for the last 180 days
  • you have a valid visitor record
  • before your study permit expired, you applied to renew it; however, no decision has been made on your application
  • before your study permit expired, you applied to convert your status to a visitor; however, no decision has been made on your application

You also need to:
  • complete a study program that led to a degree, diploma or certificate and is at least an eight-month-long program
  • remained enrolled full-time in your study program in Canada during each semester (your final semester can be part-time, or you have an approved leave from your studies)
  • graduated from an institution that is on the DLI list

Note: You might still be qualified for a PGWP if you stop attending school or switch to part-time study between March 2020 and the 2020 fall semester due to circumstances related to COVID-19.

Additional Considerations

If you apply for a PGWP from outside Canada, here are two things you need to know. First, as long as you are qualified and have received approval for a study permit, you may apply for a PGWP outside Canada. You are not required to have a valid study permit at any time while studying online from outside of Canada. Second, the length of your PGWP is determined solely by the time you spend studying outside of Canada after IRCC receives your application for a study permit.

You are not eligible for a post-graduation work permit if you have completed a course or program of study in either English or French as a second language, courses in general interest or self-improvement or a course or program in a private career college.

Apply for your Post-Graduation Work Permit here.

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